Dinner Theatre Fall 2019

Celebrate Halloween with dinner theatre at the Nice Bistro!


Dr. Frank N. Stoner’s replica of Frankenstein’s castle houses a legal pot store, a grow-op, and a secret lab where she intends to recreate his infamous experiment. But things start to go wrong when treasure hunters plot to raid the lab, a history buff decides to buy the castle, and the monster falls in love! Find out how it all plays out as the Beech Street Theatre Company performs another hilarious dinner theatre at the Nice Bistro, 117 Brock St. North, Whitby.

Dinner starts at 5:30 pm. For reservations call 905 668-8839

Dinner Theatre 2018

Join us for this short play with audience participation of murder and intrigue!

Detective Sam Auger’s vacation is interrupted when a mysterious woman enters the Nice Bistro looking for help to solve her husband’s murder. What Sam doesn’t know is that “Cookie” has layers of secrets, including knowledge of a valuable and long-missing piece of Canadiana. Unfortunately the dreaded underworld boss of bosses, Valek Kasparian, knows about the mask too. Will the dangerous game Cookie is playing draw Sam into a world of murder and intrigue? How far will these people go to get their hands on the mask of the Golden Gaels? And who will end up with it in the end?

Find out what happens when the Beech Street Theatre performs The Mask of the Golden Gaels! Written and directed by Whitby’s Michael Khashmanian, starring Kit Greaves as Sam Auger, Kathy Stinson as Cookie and Reid Pierson as Valek Kasparian.

Michael Khashmanian Managing Director Beech Street Theatre Company, 905- 243-1587, www.beechsttheatre.com

RESERVATIONS ONLY. Call 905-668-8839